Student Organizations

Student Organizations in the Multicultural Center

Asian Pacific American Association

Asian Pacific American Association provides an environment for social and educational interaction where students can get involved, interact, and foster leadership development among the various groups of Asian/Pacific Americans, the mainstream UMD community, and the greater Duluth community.

Black Student Association

Black Student Association (BSA) unites students of African descent and serves as a link to the greater Black community in Duluth and surrounding areas. The BSA increases awareness and appreciation for Black history and Black culture and works as a unified force to enhance the conditions and environment for Black students on campus.

Hmong Living in Unity and Balance

Hmong Living in Unity and Balance (HLUB) promotes and maintains the Hmong culture in a variety of ways on the UMD campus along with the Duluth community. HLUB also helps members gain a sense of awareness of Hmong culture by learning about the traditions, the language, and to help build better communication skills along with leadership development.  

Indigenous Student Association

he Indigenous Student Organization is a student-run group for anyone interested in Native American culture. The ISO seeks to create a friendly environment where students can establish a connection to the Native American community & culture.    The ISO also endeavors to provide opportunities for its student members to become involved in several academically oriented and social service activities.

International Club

International Club strengthens the friendships between students from the United States and international students, promotes international relations, and exposes students to a wealth of culture.

Latinx/Chicanx Student Association

Latinx Chicanx Student Association helps to promote Latinx/Chicanx cultures at UMD and in the community.  Committed to uniting people with Latinx/Chicanx heritages, it provides the opportunity for social and cultural interaction.  LCSA offers students from all walks of life the opportunity to come together and voice their opinion in a non-judgemental environment. Some members represent countries from Latin America. However, many of our members simply join LSCSA because they are interested in Latinx cultures or Languages.

National Society of Black Engineers

National Society of Black Engineers stimulates and develops student interest in the various engineering disciplines, and strives to increase the number of minority students studying engineering at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Oromo Student Association

Oromo Student Association (OSA) educates and provides a safe environment for Oromo students and others interested in learning about the history and culture of the Oromo people. OSA will create a smooth transition for new Oromo students to bridge the gap from high school to college.

Queer and Allied Student Union

Queer and Allied Student Union celebrates the diversity and culture of the queer community, educates the campus community on the issues pertinent to the lives of queers students, empowers queer individuals and organizations, and advocates for inclusion and equity of all persons regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression.

Women’s Resource Action Center

Women’s Resource Action Center seeks to provide all women at UMD support and encouragement and works to empower women, both individually and collectively, through the provision of a wide variety of services and resources.