Programs & Services

International Student Services  

The purpose of International Student Services (ISS) is to assist international students in successfully accomplishing their academic and personal goals through services such as academic, immigration, and personal advising, mentor programs, cultural activities, and a variety of other programs.

Sexuality and Gender Equity Initiatives

Sexuality & Gender Equity Initiatives works to empower UMD’s queer and trans+ students in their academic and personal endeavors, equip aspiring allies with vital skills to support queer and trans+/gender non-conforming individuals, and collaborate with campus and community partners to strive for an improved and affirming climate for all queer and trans+/gender non-conforming individuals.

Women’s Resource and Action Center 

The Women's Resource and Action Center seeks to provide all students support and encouragement on the University of Minnesota-Duluth campus. The Center works to empower students, both individually and collectively, through the provision of a wide variety of services and resources.  Some programs and services include campus outreach and educational services, nursing parents room, and trained PAVSA sexual assault advocates on campus.

Cultural Outreach & Retention Effort

The Cultural Outreach & Retention Effort (CORE) is a branch of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion that works directly with students to support Black/African American, Asian/Pacific American, Latinx/Chicanx students. Staff act as secondary advisors to assist in guiding students to the proper resources and advocating for each student when necessary. CORE houses mentoring, tutoring, and the student ambassadors services. Additionally, the program is directly connected to the STEM Program.

Student Ambassadors 

CORE Ambassadors provide an opportunity for current students to engage with prospective students. Ambassadors lead campus tours and share their college experiences. This approach allows students to learn about college life through direct interaction with UMD students. This service exists with the intention to increase the number of underrepresented students attending UMD. 


Through CORE Mentoring, incoming students are paired with current students who share similar interests and goals. The main purpose of this service is to retain students of color at UMD. New students and mentors have the opportunity to participate in campus and community events. Additionally, this service is meant to help students feel a sense of belonging by building an inclusive and engaging environment.


CORE Tutoring helps students meet their academic goals by connecting them with other qualified students for one-on-one tutoring in any subject. Additionally, this service offers group study sessions, throughout the semester, to any student interested in attending. Through this service, the goal is to help retain underrepresented students.

Speakers Series

The Speakers Series is a semesterly presentation and discussion series highlighting major themes relating to diversity, equity, and social justice. Throughout the semester, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion will host a variety of sessions centered around a pre-established theme. These sessions may take the form of panels, lectures, roundtables, multimedia, etc. Presenters range from students, faculty, staff, and UMD campus community members. At the completion of each presentation, a facilitated discussion will enable participants to engage in conversation with their peers/colleagues regarding the topical issue and overarching theme.